The Importance of Enforcing Organization with Children

messy-roomNow, just as all adults are not created equal in disposition and personality not all children are either. I have two children and one of them was always willing and capable to help from a very young age and the other one was always more of a hard sell. This child was pickier about what chores they liked and did not like. This child also did not want to organize anything even though we started them out the same way from very young ages. It takes quite a bit more work with some children than with others but I am here to admonish you not to give up and give in.

 Because this child was harder to deal with there were many times we ended up taking over because it was easier at the time. We made it much harder on ourselves when this child became a teenager and even greater than that we made it much harder for this child. He has had to struggle to keep his head above water in most situations because instead of buckling down and riding out the storm when he was small we caved in to his strong will. It seems like a never ending road when a child is strong willed but believe me you have not seen anything yet. When that strong willed child becomes a strong willed teenager it will end in so much more heartache than the extra time and effort it takes to make a young child obey.

Now that our child is an adult and is past the rebellious age he is finding it much harder to succeed in the world we live in today. Keeping his life organized and organizing his thoughts, time, and all other areas of his life are huge challenges for him. This is something that all parents need to keep in mind when they are tempted to let a child off easy when it comes to chores, homework, and organization. You are not making it easier on the child and the pain you see in your child’s face as they begin to try and conquer these obstacles later in life will cause you so much emotional heartache.

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  1. Larisha O says:

    Thank you for this! I am fighting the battle right now with my daughter.

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