The Money Spent Isn’t What Makes it Magical


In our modern digital age where we’re all aware of what everyone else is doing on a frequent basis, I often wonder if party planning and playing those magical creatures of the Tooth Fairy and Santa has started to become a little too extreme. Humans are competitive by nature I suppose, and I think social media has raised the bar of expectations and our desire to compete lately.

I’m not sure what the going rate for the Tooth Fairy is these days, but it sounds like inflation has definitely hit the Tooth Fairy’s wallet.  When it comes to party planning, some are putting effort and money into elaborate toddler parties that probably exceed the budget of former small weddings back in the day. Then there’s Santa.  Little Susie is getting a three story Barbie mansion while little Ann is getting a $5 Barbie.

Money doesn’t matter to little kids. They are more excited to get five quarters left under their pillow than one green five dollar bill. They don’t care about the decorations or themes at the party. They just want to indulge in cake and run around the house or yard all crazy with friends.  Even though a Barbie mansion is pretty neat, they’re more interested in the idea that Santa thought they were good and magically snuck into their house to leave them a gift under the tree.

How much money is spent does not matter to the kids; all they care about is having fun and believing in the magic for a moment.  Save yourself some money next time and don’t worry about getting too carried away.  They’ll be happy with whatever the tooth fairy leaves them, whatever party you throw them, and whatever Santa decides to bring. The price tag doesn’t matter.

Angela is the working mom writer of Time with A & N. When she’s not trying to encourage her students as a high school teacher to have an appreciation for learning, she’s managing the slightly organized chaos of her life as a wife and mom.———————————————————————————————————————————————————————
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  1. Some of the best parties are thrown on a low budget

  2. jennifer says:

    it is great to hear someone confirm this, i see people spend so much and i just cant bring myself to do it.

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