Throw a Superhero Playdate Party

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Do you know some little boys who want to be Batman, Superman or Spiderman? How about some little girls who wish they were Wonder Woman, or a feisty heroine such as Mulan or Belle? You can let your kids celebrate their inner superhero by hosting a superhero playdate party.

Ask some fellow moms to donate any superhero kid gear they may have lying around from past Halloweens. You can also order costumes online in the “off season” from Halloween relatively cheaply. Or, if you and some of the moms are handy, you can make these jumpsuit costumes and capes pretty easily. Once you have all the gear you need, invite the kids over and tell them to root through the costumes and dress up as anyone they’d like. You may want to have some repeats of the popular superheroes to avoid fights over one costume. Girls can feel free to go the princess route or dress as a superhero. Plan some games and activities or merely let the kids run free in the yard while they save the world from injustice. And, of course, don’t forget the super-snacks. Even superheroes love treats from mom! A superhero party is a fun way to spend an afternoon and it will be memorable for both parents and kids.


  1. what an ADORABLE idea! my kids would love this!

  2. Cute idea, but my kids are getting old. It’s starting to get to that age where it will become an identity crisis. LOL

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