Throwing Kid Friendly Adult Parties

images (2)We all know that once we have families nothing is ever “simple” again, including a laid-back barbecue or get together with friends or neighbors. After kids parties are usually broken down into one of two categories – family parties, which for the parents are usually more about chasing around after the kiddos than it is kicking back and chatting with other guests. Or there are adults only parties, which require us to hire an expensive babysitter and leave the kids at home, so we can spend more time worrying about them than we do enjoying ourselves. Instead of choosing one of these two options for your next party, why not combine the best of both worlds?


The next time you want to throw a party for your friends you can tell them to feel free to bring their kids along, but you can also assure them that the adults will have plenty of time to relax and enjoy one another’s company. In order to achieve this party miracle, the first thing you’ll need to do is employ some in-house babysitters to work the party. With a gang of fun young people for the kids to play with, the adults can have the best of both worlds – bring the kids along to the party but keep them happily occupied so you can enjoy some rare uninterrupted time with other grownups. You’ll want to designate an area for the kids to hang out with the babysitters, do everything you can to deck it out like a party of its own just for the kids. If you have a finished basement this is the ideal spot. Load it up with toys, movies, games, treats and drinks, anything and everything the little ones and their babysitters will need to have some serious fun while the parents have their own fun as well. Two parties in one!

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