Time to Plan a Parachute Party

images (2)Remember being a kid and walking into the gym for class and squealing with joy when you saw a giant parachute laid out on the gym floor? If you were lucky enough to have “parachute day” in your gym class then you know the exact joy I’m talking about. What is it about parachutes that make them so darn fun to play with? Perhaps it’s the same reason kids like building forts and hiding out in tents in our bedrooms. Either way, parachutes are super fun and now you can own your very own!


The Active Play  from Alex Toys is a parachute that’s small enough for kids to handle but large enough to give them that real experience of playing with a parachute. It’s brightly colored like a circus big top with vibrant solid colors and eye-popping patterns. This parachute is not nearly as heavy to lift as a real parachute, nor is it as delicate as a silk parachute. This sturdy chute is 10 feet in diameter and has twelve handles on it for the kids to be able to get a good grip and hang on while they play. You can play all of the traditional fun parachute games such as everyone lifting the chute in the air, pulling it over their heads and sitting quickly beneath it on the edge, creating a tent-like parachute bubble. It even comes with plastic balls so the kids can toss the balls in the air and with adult supervision you can even toss kids in the air and catch them on this parachute.


  1. What??!! This is amazing!

  2. Never thought of playing with a parachute.

  3. how cool!

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