Vegan Friendly Frushi Recipe


If I weren’t concerned with the high levels of mercury I could be consuming, due to my raw fish intake, I would eat sushi for lunch and dinner every day of my life. I love it. I love it cooked, raw, rolls, whatever. I feel it is a well rounded, healthy meal for everyone. If you are vegan, I apologize. I am not a fan of meat AT ALL; however, I love seafood and please know, I highly respect your views.

My children have asked me each time I purchase a sushi roll if they can try it. Not to my surprise, the second it hits their lips they run away in horror! Why? Well, looking through my love bug’s eyes, sushi is so scary and foreign (I tried my first piece at 27 and am so sad I wasted all those years avoiding it). I decided it was time for them to try it. I came across this recipe and felt it was THE PERFECT “sushi” to start with. It is called, Frushi.

Supplies needed to make your own Frushi Roll:

  • Organic Cooked White Rice (1/3 a cup per roll)
  • Organic Banana (1/2 a banana per roll)
  • Organic, Colorful Fruit of choice
  • Raw, Soaked Chia Seeds (optional, but highly recommended)
  • Plastic wrap

Mash the cooked rice with the banana and Chia seeds.  Lay out the plastic wrap and spread the rice mixture on top of the plastic.  You will want the rice to be roughly the depth of the tip of your pinky finger. Try to spread the rice in a rectangle shape.

Layer fruits in a neat, tight row on one side of your rice rectangle.  I used apples, strawberries, peaches, cantaloupe, blackberries, pineapple and mangos; I even snuck a few slices of organic avocado, carrots and kale in them!  There are plenty of delicious variations to use, so get creative, Mama! Pull one side of the plastic wrap up and gently roll the Frushi together.  Stick the roll in the freezer for two hours to help solidify the rice. Once the Frushi is hard, cut into ½ inch slices to make a “shushi” roll and voila! You have a child (and vegan) friendly sushi treat.

Not only are these perfect for snacks while at the park or splash pad during the summer, they are a great way to get the children involved in preparing their own food. My babies love them, and so do I. It is the perfect, healthy snack and they even get to try some “sushi” of their own!———————————————————————————————————————————————————————
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  1. estelle says:

    this looks like fun to make!

  2. Patricia Johnson says:

    I’m not sure if we would like the fruit with the rice

    • Kendall Carpenter says:

      I wasn’t sure we would at first, but it ended up being very tasty. You really can’t taste the rice.

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