Who Needs Sleep, Anyway?

no-cry-sleep-solutionWell, I do.  I love my sleep.  Honestly, if I don’t get at least seven hours at night and a twenty minute nap during the day, I am the least pleasant person to be around.  But who has time to sleep with an infant?! Well, not only an infant; an infant, seven and five year old?  The sound of that is just… EXHAUSTING!!!

After my first was born, I felt I had this mommy thing down.  I understood HER habits, HER schedule, HER personality, however, that did not mean I understood any other babies habits/schedule/personality.  She was easy, though, not keen on sleeping alone.  My husband and I didn’t mind and felt comfortable having a family bed.  Baby number two surprised us a short eighteen months later.  We were so thrilled and really felt we had this parenting thing under control… but boy, were we wrong!

Our son threw us for a whirlwind.  He hated everything!  He hated his bottle and pacifier, hated to be held and lie down, he hated sleeping with and without us.  I was so frustrated and confused with this little baby and had no idea how to get him under control… that is, until, I was introduced to The No Cry Sleep Solution by Elizabeth Pantley.

I had already tried the “crying it out” method and kind of blew this one off.  However, I began and was truly intrigued. I have always been a very nurturing, “child first” type parent so this book caught my attention.  It took me three days to get through the entire thing.  I decided to log both my son and daughters sleeping/eating/play patterns.  I researched and did everything I was advised, and began implementing the ideas presented to me.

The awesome thing about this book is it appeals to every type of family.  Are you a working parent, or do you stay home?  Do you have a family bed or do your children sleep separate?  Do you nurse?  Do you bottle feed?  This method (book) literally covers it all!

Within three short days my entire life changed (though, the book says it may take up to two weeks).  We went from sleeping eleven o’clock p.m. to eleven o’clock a.m., lots of bottles, lots of fussing, no naps, to my sweet angels sleeping from six thirty p.m. to seven o’clock a.m., a two hour morning and afternoon nap (for both my nine month and two year old), regular eating schedule, nightly bedtime routines, repeat.  I had time to complete my daily work as well as having two very happy, well rested children.

After four years we welcomed our third, who has, once again, thrown us for a whirlwind.  This baby is nothing as we expected.  He is content with EVERYTHING! He loves his bottles, loves his thumb, loves to sleep, loves to be awake, loves to be held and loves tummy time.  You can do whatever you wish with this infant and his response is a belly roll laugh and huge smile on his face.  I’m not sure if this is because of what I have learned from The No Cry Sleep Solution, or if it is because he is such a uniquely happy child, however, I am so blessed and love every second I have with him (and my other lovely children).  He sleeps four to five hours during the day (in two increments), falls asleep around seven o’clock every night and wakes up around eight o’clock every morning.

Elizabeth Pantley has many different books.  I have used her methods for potty training, picky eaters, and discipline in addition to the sleep solution methods.  I consistently receive complements on my children’s behavior since implementing her methods and I personally feel it is because of the parenting approach I have taken.  I strongly encourage every parent and primary caregiver to at least read her parenting style; especially if you are having any difficulties.———————————————————————————————————————————————————————
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  1. Awesome! So glad you found a way to help your second child sleep better. :)

  2. thanks for the tip! i will look into that book (wonder if they have it at the library?)

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