Why We Chose To Co-sleep: My Story


                One of the most important things that I have learned as a parent is to not make judgments about others’ parenting decisions (as long as the child is not put in danger and is being loved) and also not to say that you never would use a certain parenting decision, such as co-sleeping.  When my son was born, I said I would never co-sleep.  The thought of it was scary to me, I had read too many bad things about it.  However I was also terrified of him sleeping on his own.  You leave the hospital with the baby and a stack of papers and probably 80% of them were about SIDS and how your baby is going to die if you even have one extra thing in his crib.  It freaked me out.

                Almost right away when we got home from the hospital Desmond would not sleep well.  Every night I would nurse him to sleep then gently get up and lay him into his bassinet.  I would lay down and after being anxious for a few minutes that he was going to get SIDS laying in his bassinet, I would finally start to dose off and he would wake up crying.  So the whole process would start again: nurse him to sleep, lay him down, have anxiety attacks, dose off, baby wakes up crying.  I did this for about a month and a half or so.  I was getting a couple hours sleep a night if I was lucky.  Desmond just would not sleep on his own.

The turning point where I realized that I had to do something came when I had less than two weeks before I had to go back to my full time job.  I could not work each day off of two hours of sleep each night.  My husband recommended that we try co-sleeping because my sister in law co-slept and they never had any problems.  I still was terrified.  I had to call her before I made the decision to ask a ton of questions to make sure it was safe for my baby.  So finally one day at nap time I tried it.  Desmond and I both got the best sleep ever, and we have been co-sleeping ever since.  Soon we do plan on getting him to sleep on his own but I do not regret my decision to co-sleep at all.  I have had many critics of my decision, so that’s one reason I wanted to share my story and to hopefully encourage other moms who have made this decision as well.

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  1. All children are so different, people should not be so judgmental of the methods used by other parents.

  2. I think some babies just need the added comfort of having someone right next to them.

  3. Co-sleeping can be a wonderful way for baby and mama to get rest!! I started transitioning my youngest to at least *start out* in his bed at night (and all naptimes) when he was about 2 months old. But he still always joined me in our bed once he woke to nurse. :)
    You have to do what’s right for YOU. XO

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